The Liebster Award


Thank you to Flying Paperbacks for the nomination! I can’t wait to do this!



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  • How often do you play a song until you tire of it?

Honestly, it depends on the song. The longest I can remember so far is on repeat for about 2-3 weeks. Maybe longer.  Then I’ll find a new song, or just generally move on. And then a few months later, I will “rediscover” that song and I will have it on repeat again for just as long. Crazy I know. Haha!


  • Favorite Horror movie?

Eeessshhhhhhh yeah not a fan of horror movies. I can’t think if I’ve watched any…. Does the Woman in Black count? That isn’t my favourite but it’s one I know I have watched a few times and will watch it again if I really have to. I don’t like the feeling of being scared so I tend to stay away from those movies.


  • If you wrote The Hunger Games, what is one thing you would’ve changed about it? (only the first one)

Great question! My biggest hate about the Hunger Games is that is was never made clear to me whether Katniss actually genuinely liked/loved Peeta or not. Like, I understood that when they were in the arena, it was good for show so that they could get sponsors. But then afterwards? I don’t know. I want more clarity on that. Perhaps if I read them again I would find out my answer – but I don’t plan on reading them. Ever again. So I will remain confused until my dying end. Sorry to make that morbid all of a sudden!


  • When you think of the color blue, what book comes to mind?

I have a copy of Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas which is all blue. It used to sit on my bookshelf back at my parents house and it was the only blue book I had for a while, so my attention would always go to it as the odd one out.

under milk wood


  • If you had to kill off one of your top three Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends which one would you kill and why?

Okay so first off, my top three Book Boyfriends are Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses, Rowan Whitethorn from Throne of Glass (yeah Sarah J. Maas writes the best book boyfriends), aaaaaaand…… Ron Weasley. I am a ginger and would happily create a whole new ginger Weasley clan with Ron if he were real and if I wasn’t already so in love and happily married.

ron weasley

Who would I kill off? I think Rowan. Like, I love him, but I do prefer Rhysand over him, and neither of them can top Ronald. Like how they all begin with R’s? I just noticed haha!

EDIT!!!!!!! I totally forgot about James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser (AKA Jamie) from Outlander!!!! He is a definite favourite. And he is another redhead. And he’s SCOTTISH! So move over Rowan. Rhysand, I’m killing you off, and so that leaves me with Jamie and Ron (*smug face*). Sorry Rhysand, what we had was amazing, but nothing can compare to my British men!

jamie fraser


  • What’s an overhyped T.V. show that you just cannot stand?

Back when it was airing, it would have been Breaking Bad. Everyone I knew was into it, and an ex of mine would constantly try to get me into it. But I could not get my head around the idea of it. And being young and fairly naive at the time, some of the scenes that I saw in the first episode shocked me and I haven’t returned to it, and never plan to.


  • What’s the most you’ve spent on a book and what book was it?

The most I’ve spent on a book? It’s been a few years now, but I think it would be £30 on an illustrated Jane Austen collected works book. I think that was the price anyway. I bought it at her house in Chawton. I am still reading it. Currently on Emma.

jane austen


  • Scariest part of blogging?

Knowing that my blog isn’t nearly as good as others. I know it’s because I am new to this, but I want to have the beautiful photo’s with cute props which I have very few of unfortunately. And to get good props costs money which I don’t have at the moment. And if I did, I’d rather spend it on books to read. So just not being as good as other blogs is my scary thought.


  • If you had to have one of your most hated tropes in all of your favorite books, which one would you choose and why?

Errrrrr to be honest, I don’t really know what a trope is (yupp, I don’t know what a lot of words mean), and from searching up the definition, I don’t really have an example of one either. Sorry.


  • How do you deal with anger?

I breathe. If it is towards a person, I try to say nice things and be nice towards them in person. Unless they say something that ticks me off, and I will likely say something. If I don’t say anything, I come home and rant it out to my husband who tells me it’s okay, and laughs at the situation with me. I am a great one for holding grudges. I remember everything you see. Otherwise I write it down in my journal if I can – though I am still writing about October last year, so that isn’t going too well.


  • What makes you hate a book?

Oh I can think of one right away! I love reading books that are feminist driven, and that display a strong powerful girl, but especially this last year, I have read a lot of books where the main female character is just arrogant. And has a huge ego. I am not into that one bit. Like yes, we want our girls to read about strong women who can do anything, to show them that they can do anything too, but why can’t these female characters be a little bit more realistic? Usually they’re impulsive and frankly don’t give a damn for what anyone thinks about them – which is great. But I’d rather read a book where you see that character development happen, where you see them growing into a woman who doesn’t care what others think of her, who isn’t arrogant. A lot of girls I know, myself included, can’t relate to the girls I am reading of. We are shy and quiet and tend to keep to ourselves. Where’s the mermaid or pirate book about that girl, ey?


My Questions?

  • What is your favourite author of all time, and why?
  • Team Edward or Team Jacob? Why?
  • Favourite chick flick movie. Why?
  • Imagine you’re a civilian of Middle Earth. Which race would you be (hobbit, elf, dwarf, man, ork, goblin, etc.) and why?
  • Do you like to snack when you are reading? If so, what do you snack on?
  • Favourite board game?
  • When you were 13 years old, what did you want to be? Have you followed that dream or found another?
  • What is your favourite read of all time (besides Harry Potter, if that comes into the running)?
  • Talking of Harry Potter, who is your favourite character, and why?
  • What else do you like to do in your free time, besides reading?
  • Can I see a photo of your bookshelves?


I tag:

Elissa, The Bookish Nymph
Lady and Star
Danielle D
The Wayfaring Bibliomaniac



2 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Never compare yourself to other blogs!! We’re all just out here doing what we can and what we enjoy. My graphics and pictures are SO basic which used to get to me a little when I’d see other people with bonafied pieces of art on their blog headers, but we all have our own strengths, and we all have time for different things. Hell, I find taking those kinds of pictures BORING, I would much rather just make my post a bit longer haha!
    I loved reading your answers so just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll eventually find your footing/feel more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to just do you – people love that more than anything!!

    P.S. Totally agree on the Hunger Games front, except I don’t really have the time or patience to reread and find out lol


  2. I relate so much to the comparing yourself to other blogs. When I first started there were so many how to post on how to do it right, it took some time to find what was right for me. I’m still kind of in the process of it, but it’s been… A journey XD


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